Diversity / Women Owned Business


Commitment to Diversity

SSL epitomizes what many large law firm diversity policies espouse but never quite achieve. SSL is owned, managed, operated and staffed by an incontrovertibly diverse group of men and women, including persons of Asian, African American, Latino and Middle Eastern descent, and gay and lesbian attorneys. We hire and promote strictly for talent, and have hired highly-recruited minority lawyers who have succeeded at top law schools, large firms and Fortune 500 companies, but, who until now, did not work in a truly diverse workplace or institution. We boast diversity beyond token numbers and provide the true benefits that a deep and real commitment to diversity brings, including a bilingual, widely traveled, well-adjusted, interesting and upbeat group of professionals who can draw on their life experiences to deliver legal counsel that accords with the business experiences of our diverse client pool. SSL’s diversity numbers are impressive. Our partners are predominately women, and two are women of color. Of our seven non-partner senior attorneys, three are also ethnic minorities. In other words, in both the partner and non-partner categories, SSL boasts a group of top-achieving lawyers, 40% of which is from an underrepresented ethnic minority. Even the businesses that provide us contract support (such as individual IT support and affiliated lawyers) are largely minority owned. We understand that our people are our most important asset, and that our diversity enhances not only the professional services we provide to our clients, but also the environment in which we practice law, and our ability to attract and retain talented individuals to be a part of our team.

Professional Recognition

Our diversity is professionally recognized. We are certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by Astra Women’s Business Alliance, the Supplier Clearinghouse and the State of California Public Utilities Commission. SSL is very proud of our achievement in sustaining a truly diverse workplace.