Private Capital and Personal Real Property Services


SSL routinely uses its real estate and land use expertise to assist individuals and families with acquisition, disposition and/or development of their personal residential and recreational properties, which often are located in areas with substantial and complex land use regulations (e.g. California Coastal Zone) and/or vigorous opponents of growth and change. We also assist individuals and families who seek to enhance and protect the value of their investment real estate assets.

Our clients include leading Silicon Valley technology entrepreneurs and executives, venture capitalists, individuals who have enjoyed success in commercial real estate, and family groups with significant inherited assets. Working with property and wealth management professionals, we help our clients achieve their personal and investment goals.


  • Pre-acquisition due diligence
  • Acquisition/disposition contract negotiation and closing
  • Title insurance issues
  • Financing
  • Advice regarding and securing of development rights and approvals
  • Review of contracts with construction and design professionals
  • Real estate advice regarding and coordination of 1031 Exchanges