Construction Law


SSL drafts and negotiates a wide range of contracts used in the construction and design processes.

These contracts include those listed below, among others. We are accustomed to using American Institute of Architecture (AIA) forms or creating custom contracts to address specific client needs:

  • General contractor agreements
  • Design professional agreements
  • Professional services agreements
  • Land development agreements
  • Subcontractor agreements
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreements


Insurance and Indemnity

SSL advises owners, developers, builders, contractors and design professionals on their risk management programs and insurance policies.

We have significant experience advising clients on many types of coverage, as well as defending and prosecuting claims made on the following:

  • Insurance wrap programs
  • Owner-controlled insurance program (OCIPs)
  • Contractor-controlled insurance program (CCIPs)
  • Subcontractor default insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Professional errors and omissions


SSL’s goal is to effectively and efficiently resolve our clients’ disputes while also obtaining a successful and satisfactory outcome. To the extent feasible, we try to avoid disputes by offering advice early in the contract negotiation and construction processes.

We also advise our clients regarding lien and stop notice claims and assist clients in using construction bonds (performance, completion, payment, stop notice and mechanic’s lien, and stop notice release bonds).

We have successfully resolved disputes arising from many aspects of the construction process, such as performance/breach of contract claims including those resulting from changes, delays, disruptions, site conditions, payment issues and insurance issues; construction defect claims; and insurance coverage issues, including builder’s risk, comprehensive general liability (CGL) and professional liability.