Green Business


We are an environmentally responsible business that strives to have a low carbon footprint. Our efforts to spare and preserve our environment are many and varied and include: providing our team members with a public transportation reimbursement allowance; telecommuting part of the work week to save on gasoline and spare the air; sharing offices to minimize our use of energy and other resources; relying on a paperless filing system; delivering documents to our clients via e-mail to avoid large print and copy jobs; producing closing binders for transactions on CDs instead of providing hard copies; recycling and composting at the office; using recycled paper for printing and copying; and using energy efficient light fixtures and bulbs. Importantly though, we look at being “green” as an ongoing and evolving process and just part of our “corporate responsibility.” Our enthusiastic employees are continuously suggesting and implementing ways that we can enhance our current environmental efforts. We are open to these efforts and ideas and will continue to integrate new green efforts into the daily operations of our business.